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Activities Between Friends, Chapter 2

Title: Activities Between Friends, Chapter 2
Rating: PG13- NC17 (Chapters will vary)
Genre: Romance
Fandom: Wicked
Pairing: Gelphie
Disclaimer: I do not own Wicked or its characters, which are the property of L.F. Baum and Gregory Maguire.
Summary :Galinda, suddenly curious about her green roommate, devises ways to get closer to her. Shameless Gelphie.
A/N: Sorry the update took a week longer than I expected. I hope you all enjoy the next chapter.

Elphaba woke up with a jolt from another nightmare. She couldn't remember the details, just those hands, those strong hands that held her down. Her hairline prickled where sweat had collected. She leapt out of bed and ran to the bathroom to dry herself and looked in the mirror ashamed. You haven’t been forced to see him in years. Yet you still have childish nightmares. She coated her face with oils and went to collect her books. It was 8:30, the library would open in thirty minutes. Slipping into a simple dress, she planned to take a walk around the grounds to clear her head. She slung her book sack over her shoulder and walked quietly toward the door trying not to wake her sleeping roommate who lay underneath a pile of covers.  As her hand landed on the nob she heard Galinda moan out,
    “Where do you think you’re going?”
Elphaba’s eyebrow rose.
    “It’s Saturday.”
    “I know what day it is,” Galinda huffed under her covers.
    “Then you should know that I plan to spend this Saturday, like all the ones before - studying in the library.”
At this her blonde roommate sat up. Her hair a pile of tangles. Her right eye hidden behind a cluster of curls.     
    “A promise is a promise!” Galinda said while her hands tried to sort through her knots. What is this silly blonde babbling about now, Elphaba thought.
    “Galinda, your other friends may carry out conversations in half-thoughts and absurdities, but I do not.”
The blonde’s hands stopped, an irritated look in her eyes. She tossed her tangled mop behind her, removed her shapely legs from the covers and walked toward the green girl. Elphaba watched the blonde approach and released an irritated sigh. Her annoyance quickly turned into bewilderment when she watched Galinda walk closer. She took a step back. Galinda came closer. She took another step back. Galinda grinned and came even closer. Elphaba’s bony shoulder blades hit the wall. The green girl felt her heart twist in her chest as Galinda eyed her, the blonde’s breath tickling her face. Galinda’s body was clothed in nothing more than a translucent sky-blue silky nightgown that stopped at her upper thighs.
Elphaba clenched her fists as she felt that distressing sensation start to build. Her stomach lurched, her face flushed and a searing heat engulfed her.  What is this? Why does this happens to me when you get close? She felt this way only once before when Galinda tried to paint her nails. Now desperate to escape, she imagined different ways to move past Galinda and step through the door right beside her. However, all of those ways risked touching the blonde and Elphaba didn’t trust her own body, so she did the next best thing. She closed her eyes.
    “You wicked thing! I never thought you, of all people, would resort to fabriconcoctions to get out of keeping your word,” Galinda said almost yelling. She brushed up against Elphaba who flattened herself against the wall to keep the blonde’s ample chest from squeezing against her. Elphaba’s heart pounded in her head.
    “Honestly, I-I haven't the foggiest idea what-“ Elphaba stopped, her eyes snapped open in horrified recognition.
Galinda simpered. “Do you remember now? How you promised we could do friendly activities on the weekend. Well, Saturday is the weekend!” She squealed.
    “Wouldn’t you rather do friendly activities with Pfannee and ShenShen?”
The blonde placed her hands on her hips and shook her head.
    “What about Fiyero?” Elphaba asked.
    “What about Fiyero?” Galinda replied perturbed, raising an eyebrow.
    “What would he say if he found out his girlfriend left him to be friendly with the artichoke?”
Galinda rolled her eyes and stepped back giving Elphaba some room. “Avaric and the boys are taking him hiking. So the day is all ours. What should we do first? Shopping? Nail-painting? Getting our make-up-"
Sweet Oz, Elphaba thought and held in a groan.
     “As I remember, I promised you one friendly activity.”
    “Two seconds ago you couldn’t remember promising me anything,” Galinda replied with a huff.
    “Stop being petulant or you might provoke another lapse,” Elphaba said and raised her chin. The green girl started to breathe easier after the blonde had given her space and she found their familiar banter comforting.
    “Alright fine. Which one activity would you like to do?”
    “None of them sounded like they needed a whole day and I need to study."
Elphaba witnessed Galinda’s eyebrows furrow and a frown emerge. “You shouldn’t go out like that anyway,” Elphaba continued with a nod of her head to Galinda’s nightgown and hair. The blonde turned bright red. “Take your usual hour or three to get ready and I'll come back around noon to try one of your activities.” Elphaba suggested with a smirk.
    “Ohhh, you mean green thing!” The blonde said miffed and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.
Elphaba hurried out.
    “Don’t be late! "Galinda yelled after the green girl and pealed off her nightgown, but Elphaba was already far down the hallway.
 In the library, amidst a forest of giant musty bookshelves that concealed Elphaba from the rest of the students, the green girl sat with a dusty biology textbook and thought about her roommate.  What has gotten into Galinda? Ever since the dance she’s been odd. Or is it me? The green monstrosity who can’t stand to be touched by anyone and whom nobody would dare touch. Except Galinda. Elphaba’s heart sped up. She remembered Galinda’s sheer nightgown. Galinda’s weight pressing against her. Galinda’s beautiful sapphire eyes. A warmth built in her chest and Elphaba sighed. Don’t be an idiot. Galinda will only be friendly while it’s entertaining and when she bores of you, you’ll be tossed aside. She’s just experiencing some charity-high that she’s sure to come down from. The green girl shook her head and immersed herself in her reading.  When she finished the book she looked up at the wooden mahogany father clock between two bookshelves. It read quarter to two. She hurriedly placed the textbook back on its shelf and made her way to the library exit. Descending briskly down the granite steps outside of the library she almost collided into Pfannee who was in a yellow sundress.
        “Eww! Watch where you're going, you green freak! You almost touched me. What if that horribly foul color of yours spreads?!” Pfannee yelled so loud a few nearby students laughed and pointed at Elphaba. The green girl glared at the shorter girl, gritting her teeth. Pfannee smiled at the sympathetic nods she received from onlookers. Then something below caught the corner of the girl’s eye. The shorter girl turned and exclaimed,
        “Oh, Galinda! You look so pretty!”
Pfannee skipped back down the steps to where Galinda had just approached. Elphaba’s gaze followed Pfannee and witnessed the blonde looking radiant in a pink and white cotton dress. Her hair perfectly curled, her skin glowing, her lips glossed. Elphaba nodded. Galinda was very pretty. She always was. The green girl watched the two affectionately hug and kiss one another on the cheek. Galinda looked over Pfannee’s shoulder and shot a glare at Elphaba who slowly made her way toward them. Pfannee had launched into a conversation about new shoes that her parents had sent and Galinda was matching Pfannee’s cheery chatter with appropriately bubbly responses.
    “Galinda, you must come with Shenshen and I, we’re going shopping for new dresses downtown!” Pfannee begged with whiny excitement.
 Elphaba realized this might be her last chance at escape.
    “Yes, Galinda you must!” Elphaba said in a mockingly high-pitched tone behind the shortest girl.
    “No one cares what you think, artichoke!” Pfannee spat.
    “I think that’s a lovely idea!” Galinda said. Pfannee grinned and added that Shenshen was in the library, not studying of course, but trying to seduce her newfound crush, a studious boy from the Emerald City.
Elphaba looked at the blonde for a moment and felt both relieved and disappointed Galinda had ditched her so thoughtlessly for her air-headed friends. That’s what I wanted her to do, she told herself and started to walk past the two girls when Galinda reached out and caught her arm.
    “Where are you going now?” she asked.
Elphaba raised an eyebrow. “You’re going shopping,” she remarked.  
    “Yes, we are going shopping, since you said you wanted a new dress this morning,” Galinda answered with a tight smile.
    “When did I-“ Elphaba started. Pfannee, stupefied, had lost her words and stood there with her mouth slightly ajar.
    “Don’t try forgetting your promise twice,” the blonde hissed under her breath.     
    “Fine,” Elphaba mumbled.
    “The artichoke is coming with us?” Pfannee uttered, wrinkling her nose.
    “Oh, yes. As long as we’re stuck being roommates, I see no reason why I can’t elevate her fashion standards to something beyond atrociousalicious. Right, Elphaba?” Galinda asked with a wink.
The green girl snorted and followed behind the other two as they gracefully climbed the library steps to find Shenshen.





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