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Activities Between Friends, Chapter 3

Title: Activities Between Friends, Chapter 3
Rating: PG13- NC17 (Chapters will vary)
Genre: Romance
Fandom: Wicked
Pairing: Gelphie
Disclaimer: I do not own Wicked or its characters, which are the property of L.F. Baum and Gregory Maguire.
Summary :Galinda, suddenly curious about her green roommate, devises ways to get closer to her. Shameless Gelphie.
A/N: Dear Readers, I made this chapter a little longer. Let me know what you think.

This was not turning out how Galinda had imagined it. No, not at all. Her fantasy had not involved being cramped in a carriage with Pfannee and Shenshen who sat across from her and Elphaba and whispered comments about the green girl amongst themselves.  Her fantasy had also not involved being ignored by Elphaba who wedged herself in the corner of their carriage, her hands in her lap, her eyes gazing out at the horizon. Her fantasy had involved a lot more activity and a whole lot less restraint.  Galinda sighed, her eyes settled on Elphaba’s hands. Her fingers resembled slender but sturdy vines. She imagined how those hands would feel wrapped around her. The thought both disgusted and aroused her. Perhaps its your very ugliness that is arousing? Perhaps your ugliness is its own form of beauty? Perhaps beauty is an ever-changing fiction? All this contemplating made the blonde’s head hurt, so she switched her thoughts to the more palatable. She imagined wrapping her fingers around parts of Elphaba. Removing lays of clothes. Perhaps her pink finger would pull at…  
    “We’re here!” Shenshen exclaimed and the carriage came to a stop.
    “Galinda your face is red. Are you feeling okay?” Pfannee asked while Shenshen was exiting the carriage.
    “Oh, I’m good, great, fantabulous!” Galinda babbled. Elphaba rolled her eyes and followed Pfannee off of the carriage.
    “Where should we go first?” Shenshen asked once they had all gathered around a water fountain in the square.
    “Back to Shiz?” Elphaba suggested.
    “Was it really necessary to bring the artichoke, Galinda? I mean if she bought a paper bag to wear, it would be an improvement over her dreadful outfits,” Shenshen remarked.
    “Plus that skin color! Anything she buys will clash with that shade of pond sludge. Don’t you think, Shenshen?” Pfannee added.
    “Most definitely. Not to mention that no dress could flatter her horrible frame. I’m sure department stores don’t carry negative brassiere sizes. Hers are so tiny, they’re like- ”
    “What’s the matter with her? Her normally putrid green is intensifying.” Pfannee interrupted staring at Elphaba.
Galinda looked up and saw Elphaba’s bony cheeks were a dark shade of pine green and realized the girl was blushing. The green girl looked away. Her frame rigid as stone. Her jaw clenched.
    “Is she deaf as well as ugly?” Shenshen asked.
    “Girls, I think you both underestimify my aptitude for fashion!” Galinda interjected, “A true fashion aficionadita knows that while clothes can definitely accentuate the beautiful, the right fabrics and patterns can also hide the hideous.” Galinda finished with a smug smile. The green girl’s head spun toward her, her mouth in a tight grimace. The blonde wasn’t sure if it was pain or anger that was reflected in her expression, but before she could decide, Elphaba had already raised her chin and looked away. She should be grateful I stepped in when I did. Those two baboons could have gone on all day about her, Galinda thought.
    “Oh, Galinda, you’re such a saint to go out of your way for the socially abhorrent!” Shenshen remarked.
    “Yes, never a more selfless girl graced Shiz University,” Pfannee added.
Elphaba snorted causing the two girls to pelt her with glares.
    “Oh, thank you! It’s nice to know with you two, goodness is never underappreciated. Why don’t we start with Bikko’s Boutique. Bikko always has something nice.”
The two girls nodded and began to skip in that direction.
    “Ready, Elphaba?” Galinda asked when she noticed Elphaba hadn’t moved.
    “Galinda, I think it’s better if I go back home. Why don’t you enjoy the afternoon with your friends.”
    “Elphaba Thropp, I came here for you!” Galinda exclaimed.
    “Oh yes, how could I forget St. Galinda the Good, divinely determined to disguise the detestable in fields of fabric!” Elphaba snapped.
    “You’re being ungrateful!”
    “Ungrateful?! Should I have bowed and thanked you and your friends for your generous appraisals?” Elphaba argued.
    “Elphaba, surely you’ve noticed the way you are.”  
The green girl scowled at Galinda.
    “Yes, I’ve noticed. I know very well what I look like. I do not require my loathsome qualities reiterated to me in list form,” Elphaba retorted.
Galinda rolled her eyes and after glancing over her shoulder to make sure her two friends were well ahead of them, she grabbed Elphaba’s arm to balance herself while she tiptoed and whispered in her ear, “Elphaba, everyone has a bit of hideous and a bit of beauty in them, the trick is getting people to love the beauty so that they can’t but adore the hideous. I can show you how.” Galinda brushed her nose subtly against Elphaba’s face while she lowered herself. She was delighted to find Elphaba’s cheek was astonishingly smooth.
Elphaba gave off a shiver and stared at Galinda for a moment before she said, “I don’t believe you.”
Galinda sighed and concocted other arguments in her head to make Elphaba stay, but before she could say anything more, Elphaba lifted Galinda’s chin with a long bony finger and said,
    “I don’t believe there is any bit of hideousness hidden beneath your clothes.”
Galinda felt her face flush. Elphaba recognizing the intimate implication of her remark blushed and promptly removed her hand.
    “Proof of my extensive fashion skills,” Galinda remarked and locked arms with Elphaba, pulling her down the boulevard. “Now, let’s go and find something for you.”
Once inside the high-ceilinged shop, Elphaba lagged behind Galinda and cringed at all the pastel colored spring dresses. Galinda eyed the place until she spotted Pfannee and Shenshen. They had already picked several dresses and boutique attendants circulated around them suggesting matching accessories while the two perused.
    “Mademoiselle Galinda, how lovely to see you again!” a tall stout man with a black waxed and curled mustache exclaimed.
    “Bikko!” Galinda squealed and leapt from in front of Elphaba to give the man a friendly hug.
    “How are you, my darling?” He asked and was about to lead Galinda to the south corner of the shop where a mannequin was wearing a new pink satin dress when Galinda stopped him.
    “Oh Bikko, wait, let me introduce you to someone!”
    “Yes, dear?” Bikko said and turned to see where Galinda was leading him. When he noticed Elphaba, he released a small shriek. “Oh dear! Whatever happened to her?” He exclaimed. Pfannee and Shenshen looked over and smiled.
    “Birth defect!” Pefannee yelled in a tinny voice.
    “How unfortunate!” The man remarked and walked around Elphaba to see the extent of her greenness. Elphaba tensed up, her hands clasped the sides of her brown skirt firmly. Galinda seeing panic build in her roommate’s eyes, placed her hand over one of Elphaba’s. She pulled it into her own hands and held it securely. Just breathe, Elphaba. He’s not going to hurt you.
    “We need to find her a new dress,” Galinda said attempting to redirect Bikko’s attention.
    “For her?”
    “Yes, Bikko. A new spring outfit!” Galinda chirped.
    “Hmm…What are your measurements?” Bikko asked. The blonde looked at Elphaba who said flatly, “I haven’t the slightest idea.”
Bikko hummed while he eyed Elphaba and then snapped his fingers. A slender shop girl whose skin was the color of bone quickly made her way toward them. She had fiery red hair that was kept out of her face by a beige scarf. She wore a lime green dress with a leather belt that had extra fabric, pins and strings of measuring tape attached.
    “Take this young lady’s measurements while I look around the boutique to see if we have any colors that would de-emphasize that viridian hue.”
    “Not-likely,” Shenshen singsonged while eyeing the barrettes and Pfannee snickered. Galinda glowered at them but they didn’t notice as Galinda’s attention was immediately diverted to a hissing Elphaba.
    “Don’t come near me with those things!”
The shop girl looked at Galinda for help. “She needs to get her measurements taken if we are to find a suitable dress for her.”
    “Elphaba, if you will just follow Miss-, pardon me?” Galinda stopped and solicited the shop girl’s name.
    “If you will just follow Miss Tennaa behind that curtain over there it will only take a second for you to undress and get your measurements taken.”
Elphaba’s eyes went wide.
    “I won’t be needing a spring dress today,” Elphaba announced.
    “You’re not going to keep wearing those two ragged brown and gray dresses all spring. It’s unseemly!” the blonde countered.
    “Then keep your eyes to yourself this spring!”
Galinda huffed and grabbed Elphaba’s arm, pulling her close.
    “I thought you agreed to trust me,” Galinda whispered.
    “It’s not you I don’t trust,” Elphaba said.
    “Is that so?” Galinda remarked and then went over to the red-headed girl and whispered in her ear. Tennaa nodded vigorously and looked relieved as she passed Galinda a measuring strip and wandered away from the couple. Elphaba watched the scene with a raised eyebrow.
    “Well?” Galinda said and waited for the lanky girl to lead the way.    
    “Well, what?”
    “Time to get measured,” Galinda said and looped her arm through Elphaba’s escorting her toward the dressing area to the left.
    “You-You-you’re going to-“ Elphaba uncharacteristically stuttered.
    “Yes, I-Galinda-your roommate am going to do the honors. Let’s go,” Galinda said and pulled her frightened roommate behind the curtain.
Once alone in the small dressing area, Elphaba backed herself as far away as she could from Galinda and stood there motionlessly.
    “Hurry, before Bikko comes back,” Galinda prodded. “I can help if you want,” she added and walked toward Elphaba, her fingers unbuttoning Elphaba’s top collar button. The green girl’s hands quickly reached up and stopped Galinda.
    “Galinda, you little idiot! I can undress myself,” she hissed.
    “Fine. Go ahead,” Galinda shrugged nonchalantly, despite her heart pounding violently against her ribcage.  Elphaba hesitated for what seemed like days to Galinda, but finally turned around and began to unbutton. Galinda’s mouth felt dry as she watched the fabric of Elphaba’s dress go slack revealing the top of her emerald shoulders.  Realizing Elphaba wasn’t wearing a bra today either, the blonde’s face burned. Suddenly, Elphaba stopped.
    “What is it?” Galinda squeaked out.
    “It’s just…”
    “I’m green,” Elphaba answered.
Galinda, still staring at Elphaba’s back, simpered.
    “I’m green all over,” Elphaba added, a tremble in her voice.
Galinda bit her lip and said, “Wait here.”  She walked out of the dressing room and quickly scanned nearby tables for a camisole. Grabbing a white one, she walked back in. Elphaba had turned around and was holding the front of her dress together tightly.
    “Here. Put this on and then I’ll take your measurements, okay?” Galinda said. Elphaba nodded grateful that Galinda had found a way for her to keep a bit of her modesty and turned around again. Galinda knew she should have looked away, but desire swept through her and her eyes wouldn’t detach from the green girl as she slowly removed her arms from her dress and let it fall down. The blonde’s breath hitched as she saw the bony curvature of Elphaba’s spine tucked between sinewy back muscles. As Galinda stared at the smooth green flesh, she saw tiny dark green scars along Elphaba’s sides. She wondered what caused them, but she didn’t dare ask, not wanting to make the green girl any more self-conscious.
Elphaba hurriedly pulled the camisole on. Covered in the camisole and a simple cotton slip that came to her knees she turned to face Galinda, her arms crossed in front of her to hide her petite breasts. Galinda swallowed and walked closer to the green girl who was eyeing her nervously. She placed her hands gently on Elphaba’s wrists.
    “Trust me,” she whispered. Elphaba took a deep breath and nodded, allowing her arms to be slowly pulled apart by the blonde.
    “Keep your arms out like this, okay?”
Elphaba nodded curtly. Her chest barely jutting out. Galinda wrapped the measuring tape behind her and her hands slowly pulled the ends toward Elphaba’s chest and gradually came over her pert breasts. The back of Galinda’s fingers grazed the top Elphaba’s slightly hardened nipples. The green girl inhaled sharply.
    “Galinda,” she breathed out.
    “We’re almost done with this one,” the blonde said. Her hands quivered as she tightened the tape and she thought she heard Elphaba whimper. She released her roommate and kneeled down to measure her waist. Finishing her second measurements, she looked up and saw Elphaba looking away, breathing unevenly. She stood up and brought one end of the tape to Elphaba’s collar bone.
    “Hold this here and then I need you to stand up straight while I measure the length to your knee,” Galinda said.
    “What?” Elphaba chocked out.
    “Floor length dresses are fine from time to time, but if you haven’t noticed knee length skirts are in.”
    “Haven’t you already embarrassed me enough?”
    “This is the last measurement, I promise, and then we can get to the fun stuff,” Galinda pleaded.
    “I doubt if there is anything fun about shopping.”
Galinda gave a pout and whined,
    “Please, Elphaba!”
    “Fine, be quick with it,” Elphaba said and held the measuring tape. Galinda leaned up and kissed the green girl on her cheek and added excitedly,
    “That’s the spirit, Elphie!”
    “Elphie?” Elphaba repeated and didn’t know what to be embarrassed about most, letting her roommate touch her while she was in her undergarments, being kissed on the cheek or her new nickname. Galinda, already on her knees in front of her, winked. An impish grin appearing as she imagined the green girl’s legs in various short dresses.


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Jun. 9th, 2012 06:24 am (UTC)
Loving how this is turning out!
Started following your fic on gelphie_lovers, and I really like how this is turning out. I'll be terribly excited to read the next chapter when it gets finished!
Aug. 7th, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Loving how this is turning out!
Hi! Thanks so much for taking time to tell me what you thought of the story. I'm sorry I haven't checked this site in a while or I would have replied sooner! :D I have up to 9 chapters on fanficiton.net, take a look here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7910167/1/Activities_Between_Friends

I hope you enjoy it! :)
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